Easter Pom Pom Chick

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A super cute and fluffy DIY Easter Pom Pom Chick! Make it with your kids this Easter, or perhaps as a chocolate alternative gift!

I just know you’re going to love this fluffy little chick! It is super soft, and so easy to make!

Perfect as an Easter craft activity for your kids, or you could even make lots of them to use as an alternative to chocolate gifts or an Easter egg hunt.

Easy Easter Crafts

We all know that some craft activities can seem a bit daunting!

When the list of needed items is as long as your arm, it puts many people off of giving it a go.

My easy to make DIY Easter pom pom chick is so simple, anyone can make one! There are only a few items you’ll need, and the best thing, you’ll be done in less than 30 minutes!

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Easter Pom Pom Chick Supplies

Pom Pom Chick Supplies

You will need;

  • Some Yellow Wool Yarn

I got mine from Amazon here

  • Cardboard donut shapes, 1 large, 1 smaller

You can easily make these yourself by cutting up an old box

  • Orange and black felt

This can also be found on Amazon here

  • PVA glue
  • Scissors

And that’s it! No huge list of needed items here!

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Easter Pom Pom Chick Pin

DIY Easter Pom Pom Chick Method

This really couldnt be easier, there are only a few steps and you will have your very own adorable fluffy pom pom chick!

Step 1

Wrapping yarn donut

Find the end of your yarn, and begin wrapping it around your cardboard donut. Don’t worry about tying the loose end, just wrap over it a couple times.

Continue wrapping until your donut is full and the hole in the middle is nearly closed, like this!

Full Yarn Donut

Step 2

Now you need to cut the end of the yarn. Also cut an extra piece of yarn, about 8-10 inches long and put this aside for now.

Cutting edge of pom pom

After this, using your scissors (ones with a thin, pointy end work great for this part!) cut along the outer edge of your yarn donut, all the way round.

Be sure to keep hold of the middle so you dont lose any of your pom pom!

Step 3

Tying Yarn around middle of pom pom

Take the extra piece of yarn you cut in step 2, and tie it around the middle of your pom pom, next to the cardboard donut.

Tie a knot one side, then wrap around to tie another knot the other side. Don’t cut off the excess yarn here, you’ll need that in step 5.

If you have any uneven pieces of yarn on your pom pom, give it a little haircut!

Giving pom pom a haircut

Step 4

Repeat those first 4 steps to make your second, smaller pom pom. 

You’re nearly there! Time to assemble your Easter Pom Pom Chick!

Step 5

Assembling pom pom Easter Chick

Place the smaller pom pom on the top of the larger one. Use the exess yarn to tie around the middle of the smaller pom pom to secure your chcks head!

Step 6

Cutting out fett for Easter chick

Grab your orange felt, and carefully cut out 2 triangles for your chicks feet.

Use PVA glue to stick them underneath your chick.

Step 7

Chick face, eyes and beak

Last step! 

Cut out your chick’s eyes and a beak. Using the PVA glue, stick them on to give your chick a super cute little face!

Finished Easter pom pom chick

That’s it! You did it! One super adorable DIY Easter pom pom chick! 

Wasn’t that easy! Why not make a whole family of chicks this Easter time? Your kids will adore them, and they make awesome gifts or Easter decorations.

Dont forget to share your chicks with me on Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to see them!



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